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Challenges outsourcing development

The challenges that a company could face when outsourcing Development

  1. Is the service provider credible or not?
    This is one of the biggest challenges not only associated with outsourcing .Net Development but also with any type of software development that can be outsourced and that the software can rely on once it sees the light of day. Typically, companies with longer work experience in this area are more reliable than companies that just started with a handful of developers.

    Another important aspect that a company examines in the credibility of a service provider is the question of how good customer feedback or testimonials are. There are likely to be many cases where fraudulent service providers drain companies’ money and disappear from day one. Therefore, make sure that the company has a proper permanent address and more than one .Net expert to guide you through the development process of the product for which you want to hire the agency.
  2. Ability of the project manager
    Apart from the credibility of an agency, the second most important problem is that the project is being worked on by an expert in this field and is not even someone who cannot even lead his team on what to do. Make sure the team has enough technical experience and certifications with valid license numbers to work on your .Net project.
    Based on experience, a technical consultant must have at least 2 years of on-site work experience, and project managers should have at least 6-7 years of experience to ensure that your project is in good hands.
    The team should have the expertise in the direct technologies but also in the technologies around the subject.
    For example in the .NET development the team should also have experience in technologies such as ASP.NET, C #, VB.NET and ASP.MET MVC and know how well the Team .NET works with other technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Azure and Kentico has used her experience in the .Net development domain for validation. For many large companies, for example, it becomes a challenge to integrate the new systems into the existing legacy systems. In such cases, the team’s extensive knowledge of Microsoft technologies is helpful to solve the problems of interoperability and integration
  3. Experience in providing complex projects
    More than the list of technical certifications that a developer has on their resume, their ability to innovate on the most complex projects really makes sense. It is difficult to find such an agency, especially in companies where companies want to outsource their project at a bargain price, even for offshore facilities.
  4. Development support for mobility
    There are very few software products in today’s world that do not require integration with mobile functions. Even if the service agency has expertise in technology, there are many project requirements for where your application needs the mobile ability to reach the maximum number of users for your app. In such cases, it is very important that the development company provide internal development support for mobile development. Otherwise, you need to find another provider to develop apps for mobile devices and integrate them into the product provided by the service agency.
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